Journal Religion & Development

Religion & Development is the peer-reviewed open access journal of the International Network on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development. The journal is edited by an international group of editors and published by Brill. The editorial office is currently hosted by the Research Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Aims and Scope

Over the past years, a new interdisciplinary and dynamic research field on religion and development has emerged. A growing corpus of literature has begun to investigate the manifold relationships and interactions of religion and development. The topic is of cross-disciplinary interest, with research spanning from religious studies and theology to anthropology, sociology, politics, economics and development studies.

Religion & Development (R&D) seeks to contribute to the religion and development research field by publishing original, peer-reviewed research in this field. The journal is interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from across the social sciences and humanities. Both religion and development are understood in a wide sense. Religion encompasses all forms of religious institutions, communities, networks, scenes, cultures, and phenomena. Development refers to manifold processes of social, economic, ecological, political and cultural dynamics in all parts of the world.

One core frame of reference are the Sustainable Development Goals. Overarching questions are, for example, how religious communities contribute to processes of (sustainable) development, how social, economic, ecological, political and cultural dynamics affect religion and what understandings and notions of (sustainable) development exist in religious communities.

More information on the background, rationale and objectives of the journal as well as the emering field of religion and development can be found in the founding editors' Introductory Article: A New Journal for a New Space - Introducing Religion & Development.


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ISSN 2750-7955 (Online)
ISSN 2750-7947 (Print)