Parallel Sessions IV

Parallel Session 4a
Chair: Forster, Dion A.

Sharma, Namrata:
Integrating Buddhist / Soka Perspectives within the UNESCO-led Discourse and Practice of Global Citizenship Education

Wilkinson, Olivia:
Pushing the conceptual framework for religions and development forward

Parallel Session 4b
Chair: Lutz, Martin

Monzer, Nora:
The Reasons for Return of Internally Displaced Christians to Baghdeda

Mahmood, Sura (Serri):
Is Military Liberation from Daesh Enough to Return? A Case Study of Christians’ Non-Return to the Ninewa Plain in Iraq

Parallel Session 4c
Chair: Sartorius, Raphael

Kavusa, Jonathan:
Ecological Crisis and Sustainable Life in Africa: Engaging Indigenous Knowledge in Dialogue with Christian Churches"


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Wed 09.06.2021, 19:00 – 20:30 CEST


Sharma, Dr Namrata


Wilkinson, Olivia


Monzer, Nora

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Mahmood, Sura (Serri)

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